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1. Service is only five hours. What they will write down in the contract is when we start counting the five hours. Example: start of 6 pm so supposedly, it will end at 11 pm but they don’t start at 6pm instead they start at 8 pm because the guests were late, then they have to pay the extra hours (pro rate) depending on where they have the party if they want to extend. Aircon turned on an hour before the event.

2. Inform the guest that the waiter do not standby after dishing out because they are paid per hour also. Out package is so cheap that we cannot allow the waiters to be standing by waiting on them. If they want to, they pay extra for the waiters. The cake is not coming from us so the persons having the party should take care of serving the cake or pay corkage of 500 pesos for utensil usage and for a waiter to standby.

3. Managed Buffet: We control the quantity of every dish given to each guest but they can come back for more if everyone has taken their share on the first round of service. Unlimited rice means the guests included in their booking are the only ones who can avail of more rice not extra guests who are not part of the booking.

Example: package is for 100 guests and there are more guests attending. – The booking party should pay the extra guests per person according to the contract. The booking party cannot say that they will avail of the unlimited rice and let them eat only the lechon because the lechon was coming from them.

4. Sound System: Out sound system is not the best quality available in the market but we try to make it usable just like any other sound system services locally. If they want their own music, let them bring their own music tape or USB.

5. Inform them that chair cloth is not included for buffet package and if they want fresh flowers on the tables, they have to pay extra.

6. Be specific that our rate is so cheap, so we cannot allow excess services.

7. At the end of every affair, ask them if they want to extend the time so we bill them accordingly after the party before they go home after singing.

8. Excess persons will also be collected after party but the one of the spouse should sign for additional persons.

9. If the booking is for lunch, the service is for two hours, Specifically in the Waterpark: The waiter will not standby to serve them if there are extra food but leave the food in disposable plates but chafing dishes removed.

Resort Address and Contact

Taboc Danao City 6000

Telephone No: (032) 517-2525
Telephone No: (032) 516-7393   
Mobile No. (+63) 09176294972 / 09177238857

Cebu City Office Address and Contact

Jasmine Pension House
Cor. Don Gil Garcia and Don Filemon Sotto Sts. Cebu City, 6000

Telephone Numbers:
(63)(32) 253-3757
(63)(32) 254-2686  

Reservations are confirmed if paid in advance at:

Jasmine Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-2686

Magnolia Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-9432

Danao Intosan Resort, Danao City (032) 517-2525