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1. NO hard liquor inside the water park and near the pool. Liquors allowed only in the dining area and garden near the dining area

2. NO pets allowed inside the resort

3. No one is allowed to swim under the influence of liquor

4. NO diving and climbing of trees

5. Obey slide rules

6. Please follow the rules as far as opening and closing times of the water park

7. Everyone is expected to be inside their rooms after midnight

8. NO prohibited drugs inside the resort

9. NO shouting and NO noise after midnight for a peaceful sleep

10. PLEASE turn off your air conditioner when you are going to your seminar room.

11. When going out of the resort, please leave your key at the counter

12. PLEASE do not bring out things belonging to the resort when checking out.

13. NO fighting inside the resort and NO guns

Resort Address and Contact

Taboc Danao City 6000

Telephone No: (032) 517-2525
Telephone No: (032) 516-7393   
Mobile No. (+63) 09176294972 / 09177238857

Cebu City Office Address and Contact

Jasmine Pension House
Cor. Don Gil Garcia and Don Filemon Sotto Sts. Cebu City, 6000

Telephone Numbers:
(63)(32) 253-3757
(63)(32) 254-2686  

Reservations are confirmed if paid in advance at:

Jasmine Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-2686

Magnolia Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-9432

Danao Intosan Resort, Danao City (032) 517-2525