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ENJOY have a splashing FUN! Water attractions is all over the place from giant ducks, seahorse, to dolphines and a whale, the water park will surely make your experience fun!. It features the main water slide leading to the Lap pool. Another relaxing way to enjoy the park is the Lazy River that loops around the waterpark. And the kids will have more fun with the Kiddie water slides in the waterpark.

ENTRANCE - PhP 135.00 (any walking child and adult)
COTTAGES - PhP 560.00
TABLES with TEN CHAIRS - PhP 340.00


- Each rider is to immediately leave the landing area on discharge from slide.

- No tandem riding

- No person is to cause, suffer or permit rough behavior or harassment of other persons

- Articles containing glass or sharp objects should not be carried or used within the slide

- Waterslide users are not to wear any personal effects such as jewelries, watches, sunglasses and other items that may cause injury to the bearer and others, or can cause damage to the slide

- Persons are not to use the waterslide in a manner which will cause bodily injuries to other slide users

- Persons under the influence of alchohol and drugs are not permitted to use the waterslide

- Do not ride the waterslide unless your physical health is sound

- Health authorities warn that is is considered UNSAFE to use a waterslide if you are:

        1. Pregnant

        2. Persons with limb or back weakness or disability

        3. Persons with heart ailments

        4. Persons with any condition which could predispose them to further aggravation of their pre-existing condition or injury

Resort Address and Contact

Taboc Danao City 6000

Telephone No: (032) 517-2525
Telephone No: (032) 516-7393   
Mobile No. (+63) 09176294972 / 09177238857

Cebu City Office Address and Contact

Jasmine Pension House
Cor. Don Gil Garcia and Don Filemon Sotto Sts. Cebu City, 6000

Telephone Numbers:
(63)(32) 253-3757
(63)(32) 254-2686  

Reservations are confirmed if paid in advance at:

Jasmine Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-2686

Magnolia Pension House Cebu City (032) 254-9432

Danao Intosan Resort, Danao City (032) 517-2525